March 8, 2018

Four Months Old

Weight: 15lbs.
Hair: is getting lighter. he's rubbed the back of his head away and his NICU spots still haven't grown in. they're barely starting to fill
Eyes: blue, blue blue.
Clothes: he only wears sleepers 99% of the time. I think I've dressed him under 10 times in his life so far. he's wearing 3-6 month sizing
Diapers: size 2s. he has uber yummy chunky thighs
Likes: eating, jumping in the jolly jumper, watching big brother, being talked to, getting tickled, having piggie noises made at him, the change pad (his bum touches it and he instantly smiles and starts to talk), and his thumb. he is a thumbsucker!
Dislikes: burping, sussies, people other then mom and dad (hes playing strange with most people who are holding him now. he drops his lip and starts to cry), loud noises and he can also dislike his thumb. he gets frustrated while trying to suck on it.
Eating & Sleeping: eating: I'm still nursing majority of the time and he'll get bottles of formula once daddy is home or in the evening. he's drinking 4oz. at a time which can sometimes take a few feeds to finish. hes still eating every 2 hours pretty much. sleeping: we built his crib and have it in our room (no other room to put him in which is why we're trying to move). he's been going to bed by 7pm, sleeps until 2:30am and then feeds, and will eat again at 4:30am, 6:30am and then up between 7:30-8am. he's napping every 1-2 hours for only a half hour at a time. I'm trying a bunch of things to get him to go longer but its not really working. if I put him down awake, he'll suck his thumb to sleep. at bedtime or if hes having a hard time going down for a nap on his own, we have to rock and hum to him. with big brother not being very quiet, I put him down in his crib for all sleeping.
Milestones: he's really developed when it comes to his interaction. hes so smiley when you talk to him. he'll giggle if you say or do something silly. he's started to like his jolly jumper and has better neck and upper body strength to be in it. he's also grabbing toys now and even putting them into his mouth. he gets pretty mad at a couple of them but typically likes to "play". he loves to be on his activity mat and stare up at the mirror, he gets so excited.

February 5, 2018

Three Months Old

Weight: he was weighed at 12.5lbs on January 3rd so he's probably over 13lbs now
Hair: dark but can see blonde tones in sunlight and even some red depending on the lighting. he's going to be dirty blonde like Caius. thats's my guess
Eyes: so blue. not brown :(
Clothes: comfortably in 3-6 month clothing. he's in sleepers 98% of the time. I'm going to try to dress him more often because I have sooo many cute clothes to reuse!
Diapers: size 2s
Likes: getting kisses, being talked to, trying to stand, when his big brother talks to him, "sitting" up supported
Eating & Sleeping: I'm breastfeeding him 70% of the time and he's getting bottles for formula for the other 30%. his sleep is all over the place still. he'll typically wake up between 8am-9am, be awake for a bit and then go back to sleep until lunch time. he'll wake for a bit again and then usually sleep all afternoon. some days, he's awake for a suuuper long period of time and then has been going to bed between 7pm-8pm. and then he's up multiple times throughout the night. sometimes he'll make it until 1am, sometimes he'll eat before 1am and then he could be up every hour, every 2. like I said, literally all over the place. can't wait to get into a sleep schedule.
Milestones: he is finally starting to coo a bit. he can be quite smiley when he's awake. found his hand and is constantly in his mouth, or poking himself in the eye
Mommy Thoughts: he's really improved on how he's not so fussy when he's awake which is really nice. we find that he's a little delayed when he started to focus while looking and cooing vs. caius but I don't know if that's because of him being 6 weeks early or if its just a difference from caius.

December 28, 2017

Two Months Old

Weight: anywhere between 11-13lbs. we go for his checkup next week
Hair: its turning from brown to dirty blonde, just like his older brother. I so so wanted just one kiddo to take after me. guess that's not happening
Eyes: blue
Clothes: we've made the switch to 3-6 months and so far PJs are fitting a whole lot better
Diapers: size 1
Likes: being held/ cuddled upright while walking. very specific. when his brother comes over to shush him. his mamaRoo. bath time is still a hit.
Dislikes: sussie, being left alone while awake (not a content baby). being put into the carseat. and if mom takes more then 10secs to feed him
Eating & Sleeping: still eating very frequently. supplementing with formula. dad will help out with a bottle or two during the night and I'll nurse him for the other feeds. typically still 2 hours during the day. has done a couple of 3 hour stretches at night and one 4 hour the other night. sleep wise he's usually awake in the evening and asleep before 11pm. up all throughout the night at different times to eat. for sure will wake & eat at 5am and 6am. wakes up to be awake between 8-9:30am. varies how long he'll stay awake. eats around lunch time and then sleeps solid all afternoon. that's one thing that consistent.

November 25, 2017


Tennyson was in the NICU for 8 days and we had nothing but a wonderful experience with our circumstances.

from wednesday to friday, neil and I spent as much time as possible in the NICU before I had to be discharged. he was admitted into the NICU because of his gestational age {34 weeks & 4 days}. he was on high oxygen, IV, feeding tube, his "house" had a regulated temperature and the standard monitors (heart rate, oxygen and pulse) in the beginning and each day, something was adjusted to see how he would react and he always did wonderfully. we were set up in bay 3 (bay 1 had critical babies and bay 7 meant going home). he had 1 neighbour beside him and 3 babies across from him. we are so lucky that he had no medical issues and was admitted just to figure out all the mechanics of being on the outside because a couple of the babies around us weren't so lucky.

we had one scare with him on the Thursday night after he was born. he was given formula twice that day because my milk hadn't come in yet. when we came in for the evening feed, our nurse said she wanted to chat with us. she showed us this dark brown/red yucky stuff in his feeding tube. they were concerned that there was blood in his belly but unsure if it was from delivery or if something internally was wrong. they ordered blood work and an x-ray to be done. as we were waiting to find out what was going on, 29 week twins were being admitted into the NICU and they of course were a priority to be cared for. neil and I had to wait in the waiting room and that was our first taste of real NICU life. the unknowns of what could be wrong with our baby, thinking the worst, being sent out instead of being able to stay with him. emotions were high and we ended up crying into each other. my parents had shown up to visit and were supposed to be able to hold him for the first time, but our visit was just us looking at him. his feeds were stopped the night to wait and see what the problem was and it ends up the blood in his belly was from delivery. his body reacted perfectly with my milk and he hasn't had formula since.

saturday to thursday, neil and I were trying to balance home life and NICU life. we had grandparents helping us on the weekend so we could both go be with him and then neil would go back on his own after shift change for the evening. neil went back to work monday, Caius went to daycare and I spent full days with Tennyson until I had to pick Caius up from daycare. neil would come home from work, do supper & Caius' bedtime and then he'd head to the NICU for as long as he could in the evenings. I was asleep by the time he'd get home because I'd be getting up throughout the night to pump. it was so hectic and hard even though it was a short while. we were crossing paths, we were both tired, I was home alone and night crying because Tennyson wasn't home with me. we thankfully had the opportunity to have a bloom camera to be able to login and watch him whenever we wanted to but it hurt my heart even more not being with him.

tennyson was an "easy" baby for the nurses workload and they all were wonderful. they would include us in everything, chat with us and make us feel like we weren't being an annoyance. having understanding and friendly nurses everyday made the experience a whole lot better. thursday morning I had gone in to visit and was in the mood to say "okay, what's it going to take to get him home?!" during rounds. he was doing everything he was supposed to be so why was he still here. as I sat and cuddled him and listened to his rounds updates, I saw one of the nurses mouth "discharge" to the other and shortly after, the attending doctor confirmed the news that he would be discharged. I thought I would cry in front of them but I just lit up with a huge smile. I told them I had everything ready to go in the truck and they said he would probably be good to go around 2pm. I stepped out to call Neil. every morning I would call him after rounds to give him an update on Tennyson. I was super calm when he first answered but very quickly said "its go home day!" he responded NO WAY! and was completely surprised. we both started crying on the phone and couldn't believe today was the day. I met him him back home so we could pick Tennyson up together. by 1pm we had gone through the checklist with the nurses (which was quite amusing since we knew everything she had to go through), my garbage bag of frozen milk was given to us, Tennyson was buckled in and we were on our way out. it felt so good to be walking away from the hospital knowing we wouldn't have to be coming back.

the NICU experience is definitely challenging and heartbreaking to be in there but we are incredibly thankful it went as well as it did. the NICU and NICU families will have a special place in our hearts.