October 11, 2016

Weekend Re·cap

It's been a hot minute since I did a post. I feel like the best way to explain what we've been up to is "nothings changed but everything is different". working full time, C at daycare and our evenings & weekends being dedicated to him is what our life is like

we had a busy but good Thanksgiving weekend. Friday evening we went for an impromptu supper at mom & dads to watch the Rider game

{Saturday} Neil and my dad went to the lake for the day to collect some items and cut wood up. Caius and I had a date with some moms group friends. we checked out the new, fun place of Flynn's Forest. Caius doesn't really play independently when we go to those types of places so I got to be his buddy in checking out all the cool things. his favourite parts were the interactive, digital touch floor screen, the ball cage and making a mess at the water fountain

{Sunday} we dressed up to play outside for a bit in the snow. thankfully there wasn't any meltdowns about getting all of his winter gear on. he also didn't have too much trouble walking through the snow, to my surprise. we didn't get to stay out long due to the rain and wind. we went over to my aunts for our first Thanksgiving supper of the weekend. Caius had super hard time adjusting when we got there but after a while, he finally warmed up and had a blast playing with his two cousins

{Monday} we were hoping for a sleep in morning but C peed through his pjs & sleepsack so we were up at 6am. thankfully, he's been enjoying watching the iPad in our bed and we're able to lay in bed for an hour+. no complaints by us! I was hoping to get out of the house and do something before lunchtime/nap but that didn't happen. we went to Neils parents for our 2nd and last supper of the weekend and again Caius had a really good time playing with more cousins.

{Tuesday} this morning was a bit of a gong show.  our alarm didn't go off and I woke up at 6:40! {our alarm is set for 5:50am}. I did a mad rush shower/get ready, Neil brushed his teeth and took off and thankfully Caius stayed in bed until after 7am. I don't think I've ever showered/blow dry/did my hair that fast ever. I got out of the house on time for 7:20am but had a horrible drive in due to the weather. tonight, the hubs & I are heading to Carrie Underwood with the free tickets I won! can't wait to see her!

incredibly thankful for my little family, full time jobs, food in the fridge and a roof over our heads

August 17, 2016

Twenty Two Months

I can't believe we will have a 2 year old in TWO MONTHS! seriously.. where did this last year go?? we won't get into those questions right now..

mister mister has definitely been going through the door of the terrible twos. last week was a doozy. screaming, crying, hitting, tantrums galore. our patience was broken numerous times.. but thankfully, its seems the door has closed this week and we have our happy-funny boy back!

the STATS on Caius hasn't changed to much but his vocabulary and general knowledge sure has!

he counted to 9 all by himself, unprompted
he started to sing B-I-N-G-O all by himself, again unprompted, while getting ready for bed
he knows most construction vehicles and tractors {he's also obsessed with them}
he's doing so well with swimming now. he wears his puddle jumper and crawls through the water, sometimes floating on his own
he loves to go down the water slides with daddy 
we spent a weekend at the cabin playing in and on the water
we spent a night in Elbow, SK for a reunion
we finally have a week of holidays together next week and plan on spending majority at the lake! can't wait to step away and unwind with my favourite guys

July 14, 2016

Twenty One Months Old

This blog has officially become Caius' baby book. I wish I could keep on top of our life updates. It is nice to look back and remember Caius at his certain ages.

size 6 diapers
wearing mostly 2T clothes, 3T for sure with PJs
still no interest in potty training
sleeping in his crib {not switching anytime soon}
sleeping has greatly improved
has slept like a champ this last little while! {12 hours solid, past 8am.. BONUS!}
big fan of his sucky for sleeping and of course jubejube
so many different things
pretty much what we ask him to say, he tries
identifies all family members {nana, papa, uncle D, baba, bella, izzie}
truck & tractor are his favourite words, he's constantly keeping an eye out for them while we drive now
he says thank you for absolutely everything
love you & night night bye are my favourites
if he "falls down", we ask him "are you okay" and he responds" ya k"
he has a new way of shouting "MOMMY!" now
daddy has been asked for immediately after he's been waking up
playing cars
truck & tractor books
getting a theme here.... #suchaboy
playing in his clubhouse
playing with other kids {this is big because he's more timid around other kids}
the lake
his temper is pretty fierce. we do have a timeout chair when he misbehaves or acts out
he tends to yell "NO!" at me and then come hit me {we do not tolerate this at all}
after timeout, he gives us a hug and kiss and we make sure we explain again, what he did wasn't okay
he is his daddys mini-me lately
anything daddy does, Caius has to
daddy is definitely the favourite right now {I broke my foot 3 weeks ago so mommy isn't very fun to play with}
driving with him has been pretty fun lately, he loves to point out any trucks & tractors
he's still doing so great with daycare
he also does so well with backup daycare and that's a HUGE relief
he had his 1st sleepover at nana & papas house while Neil & I went to Garth Brooks
he did so, so good and will be going again soon :))

we've really been enjoying the summer with Caius! going to the lake, playing outside, going to the swimming pool has been so much better this year!