June 21, 2017

Life Lately

there's been so much going on this past month or so and time is going by so fast that I don't want to forget all of it!

Caius is just growing and changing so much that we've had to make changes that suit where he is at right now. I bought him a cot to sleep in at daycare because there was no need for him to sleep in the playpen anymore. that's one thing that we're extremely lucky with and I'm so proud of him with how the adjustment from crib to "real beds" went. from day 1 of not being in a crib anymore, he has never, ever got out of his bed. at home, at the lake, at grandparents and at daycare. I still think he doesn't understand the concept that he can get in and out of bed as he pleases (he does during non-bedtime hours) but he just won't do it when it's naptime or bedtime. super thankful for that but I kind of find it funny too. neil built his real big boy bed on fathers day and again, it was a super easy transition. it sure is nice being able to lay in bed with him to read a book or to cuddle for a bit.

and of course, the biggest thing of all is that we finally pulled the plug on the beloved sussie. it's been on our minds for quite a while now but we just didn't feel confident to actually do it. he only really had it when going to sleep or if he was tired/ not feeling well so he didn't have it 24/7 but it was such a big deal to him. we decided to talk about the sussie fairy and how she would come to take sussies to babies who need them. we talked about it quite a bit the last month or so and more so during the past week in order to prep him for what was to come. we decided to purchase him a ride on jeep that would be his gift from the sussie fairy and it worked pretty darn well! he did great with putting all of his sussies into a bucket for her and was super excited about the jeep. bedtime was a little tough once he realized he was having to go to sleep without sussie. but overall it went much, much better then we were anticipating. hopefully it's only a tough days and we will be back to a normal bedtime and wake up (it was a 5:30am start to the day, post 1st night without it)

I'm super proud and excited for him. there's so many big changes happening and it's really making it real that he's no longer a baby/toddler anymore.. he's coming a big boy and will be a big brother before we know it!

May 29, 2017

13 Weeks

How Far Along: 13 weeks + 2 days
Symptoms: the nausea and food aversions aren't as bad anymore but will still randomly hit. evenings tend to be the worst. I'm still lacking energy and feel lazy all the time. our bed is my favourite place to be as soon as Caius is down for the night. I'm a very lame wife as of lately...
Gender: we won't be finding out the gender because we will be having an elective c-section for the sake of my health and to avoid preeclampsia complications so we will know the date & time baby will be delivered and keep the gender a surprise!
Sleep: sleep has improved but lately I wish that any moment I have, I could be laying in bed or taking a nap
Looking Forward To: the 14 week checkup next week with my OBGYN and hearing a heartbeat
Cravings: none so far
Recently Purchased: an official big boy bed for Caius. he's doing great with his toddler-crib conversion bed but I just felt it was time to get a real bed for him. daddy still has to build it and we need to purchase a twin mattress for it. baby probably won't be getting anything new until he or she arrive. if it's a he, we're set and if it's a girl, bring on the new clothes! I did purchase a dock-a-tot in between trying to get pregnant so that's something new & exciting we'll get to try!

May 24, 2017

9 Weeks {April 30th}

this pregnancy has been kicking my butt. feeling nauseous all day long, very tired, no energy food aversions, getting really hungry but then when I start to eat I feel sick. I didn't have any of these symptoms with Caius. I only got sick while taking the prenatal vitamin first thing in the morning, changed that and I was good. I feel like a super lame wife and mom as of lately. hoping this junky phase goes away quickly. we've had 3 ultrasounds since I found out I was pregnant. the first was to go and confirm dates since my cycles varied. we weren't able to see much {obviously it was very early}. I experienced some spotting shortly after the ultrasound and panicked that something was wrong so I went in again and saw everything was okay and there was a very low heartbeat. doctor wanted to do a followup to make sure that heartbeat went up and it did, to a 165bpm and still a December 2nd due date!

How Far Along: 9 weeks & 2 days
Symptoms: nausea, dislike for most food & eating, tired, SORE sore boobs at the end of the day.. the whole shebang
Sleep: super tired, asleep before 9:30pm and waking once or twice during the night
Best Moment This Week: seeing a healthy strong heartbeat at the ultrasound appointment
Worst Moment This Week: feeling so darn junky all the time

Queasy or Sick: 100%
Looking Forward To: making our announcement soon

May 14, 2017


on Sunday March 26th, we found out I'm pregnant!!!

I have been taking tests close to my period each month, in hope that a positive sign would show up. I had taken 2 tests last week and both were negative so I was just waiting for my period to show up. sunday morning I stepped out to grab one more to try. I was a week late but that was the only sign. I truly thought it was going to be negative since all the others have been, so I was in total shock when the positive sign slowly started to show. my heart was beating out of my chest, just like it did with Caius and my hands were shaking. I quickly called Caius to his room to put on a shirt I had bought last year that said #1 big bro. when I opened Caius' room door to have him show Neil, Neil was already standing in our room across the hall. he looked at Caius and then looked at me with big eyes "really?!" of course I was crying and said I think it's positive. I always find out on the stupid cheap pregnancy tests! I think to myself I've already spend so much on the fancy ones and they've all been duds, I'll just buy the cheap ones.

 we had two family birthday parties on sunday. one for our niece who was turning 2 and another for my cousin celebrating his 23rd. we decided since we would be seeing everyone from both sides that we would share the news. Caius wore his big brother shirt to both get togethers. we had to point out his shirt on Neils side and my mom read Caius' shirt right away when him and I walked in. she started crying and saying "oh my god!" and then everyone else noticed too. both families are so excited.

we have been trying to get pregnant since June 2016. this time took much longer than it did with Caius which was really frustrating, and a little defeating. each month was another negative test and another period. we were more casual and not really in a rush once I got my IUD out but once we got past the 6 months of trying mark, I started to worry. I kept wondering "is something wrong with me?" "what changed body wise since having Caius and now?" "is Caius going to be our one and only?". really similar thoughts the first time we tried to get pregnant. it just seems to take us longer to get pregnant. not easy to think that way in the midst of trying. one of the first things I said to Neil when we found out was I felt such a relief. finally we're pregnant, nothings wrong with me. of course there's a risk with it being so early. I know so many women who have gone through miscarriages so I feel a little more nervous right now but I don't want those nerves to dampen our excitement that we're feeling right now. still feels surreal that I'm pregnant and even more surreal that my baby won't be just my baby anymore, he'll be a big brother in 9 months! we can't wait!

How Far Along: based on last period, and cycle length etc., says I'm about 5 weeks
Symptoms: no symptoms at all 
Weight: went to the doctor this morning for a scheduled wellness checkup.... I'm 187lbs....
Sleep: I was asleep by 8:30pm on Saturday night and the last few days, I feel super tired
Best Moment This Week: seeing the + pregnancy sign and telling all of our family that day
Worst Moment This Week: none so far
Queasy or Sick: nope
Looking Forward To: we have an ultrasound scheduled for april 3rd

March 22, 2017

Big Boy Bed

last night was a big night in our house, we converted the crib into a big boy bed!

it's been on my mind for a little while. we've had no issues with him and his crib. he never tried to escape, he never even stood up in it. when he wakes up, he would just lay there moaning ha. I've been bouncing back & forth about how we were going to do it, when we were going to do it. then last night after we all got home from the work day, my husband said "it'll take 5 minutes to do" and all of a sudden it was done.

Caius did SO so well! he asked for his sleepsack a handful of times before we left the room. he's not a huge fan of blankets so we assumed that would be our biggest challenge. we ended up putting his sleepsack beside his face, to use a blanket for comfort. he laid there while falling asleep, not even trying to get up and out and was asleep by 8pm! the monitor came on at 4:15am, he was standing holding a side rail. I figured he lost JubeJube in between the blankets, which is what happened. I tucked it in by his face, kissed him and back to sleep he went.

he had the sweetest little smile on his face when we woke him up this morning. he had to show us what he slept in as we we're getting ready for the day AND had to share the news with his daycare provider when I dropped him off

we are SO, so proud of him as he is also so proud of himself. still feels surreal that he's not really a baby anymore. he hasn't been for a while now but this is just another real step of him being a big boy.

 my big boy.

February 23, 2017

First Family Roadtrip!

a couple of weeks ago, Neil and I got the itch to get away. flying somewhere exotic and hot wasn't doable, driving to Regina didn't sound too exciting so we decided on Edmonton!

we haven't been back since I was expecting in 2014 {I went on a quick girls trip last year} but Neil and I haven't ventured away since before Caius was born. it's come up a few times about going to Edmonton but I really didn't feel confident that Caius would do well with the drive. well, he completely shocked us. he did FANTASTIC! we left at 7am Saturday morning and made it all the way to Mundare without any stops. we pushed him a little too far and he peed through {poor guy, felt so bad}. quick gas up, diaper change, sausage pickup and we made our way to Edmonton! we went straight to the mall to let him run around and take it all in.

we hit up the pirate ship first,which he LOVED. he didn't want to get off and that may have resulted in our first tantrum. we went to look at the water park, had a bite to eat, checked out the aquarium, walked through Galaxyland {too loud and crazy for him so we walked in and found the nearest exit}, had supper at Earls and were back at our hotel around 6:30pm {AB time}. we couldn't get into our hotel until way past nap time our time so he went allll day without a nap. we tried to get him to snooze in the stroller but he doesn't sleep in that or the car so we walked for a bit with the canopy down and all his comfort items to just have him settle down a bit. I was amazed that he went all day as he did with no nap

sunday morning we went to the waterpark and lasted a few hours there. neil took in all the crazy slides before it got busy and got to zipline across the wave pool. Caius immediately started to cry when we got there, since it was a bit overwhelming for him but we managed to pump it up and he enjoyed the kiddie pool and spray pad the most. we finished around 12:30pm and headed to my cousins place in Sherwood Park. it was so nice to visit with them and meet their son Lennon. Caius and him were so cute together and it made a world of a difference to be at a house for Caius to nap and have boy toys to play with. so thankful they let us crash their place, love you guys!

there was an hour time difference so we were up and out the door at 7am. the sooner we would get home the better, and be able to fit in a normal nap. he did so great again on the way home. no saying "all done", "no more". we watched movies, read books and played around with new cars. this was Caius' first time to a new city, first time in a hotel room and first time in the car for so long and he did so, so well. so proud of my big boy! we still were able to have our Family Day tradition of having a fire with mom and dad! it was a nice afternoon of playing outside and having a wiener roast

it was fun to get away but super nice to get home, thanks Edmonton for the fun weekend!

January 17, 2017

Weekend Re·cap

{Friday} I was off from work and at home with Caius for the day. my aunt and her two kiddos came over. Caius and Olivia played so well together and I got some nice baby snuggles with Alex. we made last minute plans with my parents for us to go over there for supper. Neil took my vehicle in the city to get new tires put on so my dad drove out to pick Caius and I up. he was soo excited to ride in papa's big truck. we had pizza for supper, mom and I went to out to grab a few things {and act stupid silly as we usually do} and the boys hung back and apparently enjoyed a few drinks... ;)

{Saturday} we had our 2nd swimming lesson. it went better than the first but not great. Caius has no issues with the water but doesn't like being told what to do and has a tantrum majority of the class. he and Neil came out of the water for a few moments and then he happily returned. he got to end the class in the hot tub this time but came out screaming. oh kid... afterwards we went back to my parents for the afternoon so the guys could build me some new end tables! can't wait to see them complete. after Caius woke up from his nap, we went to check out our future children's museum prototype event and stopped at a few furniture places on our way home. the hubs and I watched Deep Water Horizon that evening. seriously, such a good movie!

{Sunday} we met up with friends of ours at the indoor play centre in Warman. Caius and Nixon played sooo well together! we haven't seen them in a while but you would think that they were BFFs. super cute together. Neil had a basketball game that afternoon but Caius stayed home thinking he would still be napping by the time the game started. but nope, he didn't even nap for an hour. nana & papa stopped by on the way home from the lake and then we went out for a walk in his new sled! I tried taking him down the hill once or twice but he was quite happy to sit on the swings and watch all the other kids go down. it was SO nice to finally get outside and not almost be killed by the cold weather! Neils parents came over for supper that night and we just did our usual thing of getting ready before the new week starts

it was a busy but good weekend!